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XBOT Token


Utility & Access

XBOT token is a utility token on Hive Engine used to unlock access to various XBOT services and features. There's 3 types of tokens: XBOT (Standard), XBOT Lite and XBOT Mini:
XBOT TokenXBOT Lite TokenXBOT Mini Token
Battle Automation - League CapChampionGoldChampion
Battle Automation - Reward Share5%5%30%
Daily Check-in Rewards100%50%25%
Battle Helper Fee Discount30%15%5%
SPS Rentals - Lender Fee Discount2.5%2.5%0%
Liquid Rewards - Fee Discount1%0.5%0%

All XBOT tokens are available for trading on the Tribaldex exchange

Token Sales

29/10/2023 - General Sale #11
50 XBOT token
@ $50/150 HIVE
100 XBOT Lite
@ $25/75 HIVE
200 XBOT Mini
@ $10/30 HIVE
HIVE price will be announced ~24 hours before sale date. Tokens first become available on Tribaldex and 1-2 minutes later on this page.

How to purchase


  • Hive Keychain with Hive account connected.
  • SWAP.HIVE OR HIVE (+0.75% Hive Engine deposit fee)

Step by step guide

  • Get some HIVE
  • Deposit HIVE to Hive Engine side-chain
  • Click Buy Now & Sign the transaction with Hive Keychain