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XBOT Token


Utility & Access

The main utility of XBOT token is access to the XBOT automation service. XBOT token is a utility token on Hive Engine used to grant access to the service.
  • No recurring costs
  • Keep 100% of rewards
  • Token grants indefinite access (1 token per Splinterlands account)

Supply & Distribution

We aim to provide access to all players while discouraging low-value bot farms. Token minting will be gradual to make sure we can scale up, test and improve as the userbase grows.
Check the Token page for details on upcoming token sales.


XBOT Lite token offers a lower entry point to the XBOT service - but is limited to Gold league and below. Other than the league restriction, there's no difference between the tokens.

Token sale via Hive Engine Claimdrops.
Claim tokens on Hive Engine directly.

Token Sales

11/03/2023 - General Sale #7
100 XBOT Token
@ $75/222 HIVE
100 XBOT Lite
@ $35/104 HIVE
18/03/2023 - General Sale #8
250 XBOT Token
@ $100/235 HIVE
250 XBOT Lite
@ $40/94 HIVE
HIVE price will be announced ~24 hours before sale date. Tokens first become available on Tribaldex and 1-2 minutes later on this page.

How to purchase


  • Hive Keychain with Hive account connected.
  • SWAP.HIVE OR HIVE (+0.75% Hive Engine deposit fee)

Step by step guide

  • Get some HIVE
  • Deposit HIVE to Hive Engine side-chain
  • Click Buy Now & Sign the transaction with Hive Keychain